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Confidence is a result of self-trust. When you trust yourself, your confidence shines through in everything you do. When your head and heart are in tune, you find more clarity of purpose

How's your confidence?   

Cassandra has helped me to find a sense of purpose and direction in my life that is entirely organic. Through personal coaching, I was able to realize that I am as able as anyone else to manifest my dreams into reality and take them to the next level. It has changed not only my outlook on life but the very essence of who I am…”

— Trudy E - Client

Our coaching relationship is based on respect, mutual trust, honesty, responsibility, accountability, creativity, and commitment.  I am at my best when I feel safe, nurtured, inspired, and accepted. I try to create that environment for each client that I work with. 

I have spent years as a business owner, coach, vocalist, musician and performer and I have always sought the help of coaches. Amazing people who were in my corner cheering me on, challenging my thinking, growing my skills, and helping me through challenges in my life and career.    

Helping people find their true voice in the world is why I am on the planet.  Let me be your collaborative partner to ignite your growth both personally and professionally.  

Vocal Confidence Training   

Show up with confidence
nd purpose in everything you do

Discover the infinite possibilities of your voice

Your voice is a powerful instrument. Great vocalists study for years to become dynamic communicators through the songs they perform. Just like a talented singer, you can gain the vocal confidence you need to share what you are passionate about, empower and inspire others, and make a difference.  

I have been a professional voice and performance coach with 30 years of experience helping clients tap into the power of their vocal potential.  

I am passionate about creating a safe and relaxed space to help address your challenges and empower you with the skills you need to meet your goals.  

  • Are you confident speaking in front of an audience?  
  • Do you experience anxiety or become self-conscious when speaking in a meeting, presentation, or networking event?  
  • Does your voice crack or do unexpected things when you are under pressure?  
  • Do you experience vocal fatigue or find yourself out of breath when you speak?  
  • Does your voice have the strength and power you would like it to have?  
  • Would you like to be more assertive in professional settings?  
  • When speaking professionally, do people seem uninterested or overwhelmed? 

I can help.  Let's do this!

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