Tim Merkel - Singer/Songwriter   
"Cassandra is a professional songwriter, pianist, guitarist and singer and teacher as well as an experienced and talented vocal coach who helped me tap more of my vocal instrument than I knew was available.  I am proud to have been a student, to be a friend and to highly recommend Cassandra's expert services."  

John Hegner - Owner, Starbell Hatchery Recording Studio  
"I have worked alongside Cassandra as fellow musician and as the producer of her recording, Here I Am. On stage and in the studio, she is professional and committed to a high standard. I have also witnessed the positive results she achieves with her voice students. I recommend her without reservation. Cassandra 'shines' as a singer, songwriter, and educator. Her big heart connects her to community where she generously shares her gifts, and inspires others to do the same."  

Roger Reupert - Independent Music Professional  
"Cassandra is a wonderful songwriter as well as a great vocal coach. She has touched hundreds of people through her music, both as a musician and teacher." It is with great pleasure that I recommend Cassandra Vohs-Demann."  

Naté Grindeland - Owner of Mixin Mingle  
"A Place to Shine Music truly lives up to their name. First hand experience working with the owner and her staff. They can perform, host events, and provide great vocal and musical lessons for the community. Very experienced and talented bunch. :)"  

Roger Adler - Owner, Roger Adler Music  
"Cassandra is a total pro singer/songwriter/entertainer. Fantastic voice and complete professionalism."  

Jack P. Bechaud  
"Working with and getting to know Cassandra is a joy at every step in the process. Her professionalism sets new standards for the rest of us to look up to.  Talent, skill, intelligence and strength of character are synonymous adjectives commonly associated with Cassandra. "  

Mike Hartman - Dreams Do Come True   
"I just recently turned 60. I have had a life long dream to be able to sing. When I started with Cassandra, I literally could only sing 3 notes. I just learned my first song. I could not be more pleased. Cassandra's teaching style is an eclectic mix. She has lots of tricks. She has an unbelievable understanding of the mechanics of voice and she is a very skilled musician. Cassandra combines a perfect mix of encouragement and tough love. I could not be happier with my decision to take lessons from Cassandra." 

Debbie Firak - Cassandra's a gem!   
"Just signed up for the 12 lesson package! Cassandra is passionate and truly inspirational. She's able to quickly identify areas that need improvement (and works on helping you fix these). Yet, she's also warm and encouraging, helping you see & appreciate your own strengths. I'm excited to be beginning my new journey!" 

Silvana Cantagallo - Boy did I get my money's worth!  
"I had my first voice lesson with Cassandra yesterday. It was not only fun, little light bulbs went off all over the place and I had several AHA! moments. I had taken voice lessons from one other teacher in the past, and while it was productive, I was not inspired as I was with Cassandra. I'm such a beginner that I don't even know what questions to ask! Cassandra explained things I didn't think to ask. Love her!"

Tanya Pfeiffer - Cassandra's genius lies in her teaching style....  
"Cassandra has been teaching our 13 year old daughter to sing for just under a year now. Cassandra's passion, talent and fervor for music is evident in every session. Not only is she an extremely talented musician and vocalist herself, (we love her album!) I believe her genius lies in her teaching style and approach with people. Every time Emma picks up a mic to practice or perform I can honestly say I think of Cassandra and what a blessing she has been for Emma. Cassandra, YOU ROCK!"

Karen Tirio - Public Speaking training  
"I signed up for one lesson in public speaking and by the end of the first session decided to go with the 12 lesson pkg. Cassandra inspired me!"

Siobhan Cottone 
"Cassandra is an amazing lady with very special talents. Her voice is beautifully unique and the music/lyrics she creates are filled with passion and a meaningful messages. I had the privilege of getting to know Cassandra while I was working at Pioneer Center for Human  
Services, as the Development Director. Cassandra shared her beautiful voice and creative gifts in helping us to create two  very impactful mission moment videos for our signature event Moonlight & Music.  
I highly recommend Cassandra Vohs-Demann."  

Bernadette Frantz - Client  
"Cassandra is a tremendous voice coach and songwriter.  Her ability to develop and draw the talent out of her students, both children and adults is phenomenal.  I have watched her students blossom into confident,  talented singers and songwriters.  She is passionate about what she does and the results are outstanding."  

Lori Parys  
"I have known Cassandra for the past 4 years. During this time my daughter Jori took voice lessons once a week from her.  Cassandra helped Jori vastly improve her vocal range, as well as mentored her in the development of her music career. Cassandra guided and encouraged Jori to discover her own style, she provided opportunities for her to perform in public, and emotionally was a support system as she ventured into development as a recording artist.  I would highly recommend Cassandra, a highly motivated, passionate vocal coach that will also assist you in development of music performance."  

Christin Kruse - Vice President,  
Funding Development at Pioneer Center for Human Services  
"Cassandra is a gifted artist! Her creative song writing skills paired with her brilliant voice is a gift to all who have the opportunity to experience her work. Cassandra has done numerous projects for Pioneer Center for Human Services over the years and we are touched by her generosity, her ability to capture the essence of the services we provide and turn it into song that educates and inspires the community to support our mission.  I am honored to know Cassandra and utilize her skill set and talents.  I encourage anyone looking for a creative means of expression to shout out to this lady and hold on tight as her greatest talent is to "listen" and manifest something far beyond expectations." 

 Mark Hladish Sr. - Producer: Musical Concepts & Events  
"Cassandra is an amazing singer, songwriter and performer. These  
skills and the ability to communicate her musicality make her a great teacher, instructor and vocal coach. I highly recommend her based on my years of musical experience - she is as creative as she is professional - an uncommonly gifted musician and vocalist."  

Helen Lindquist - Singer / Guitarist at Sisters-of-Song  
"Cassandra has been my vocal, songwriting and musical coach for many years now, and I am blessed to have found her.  She is a highly talented teacher, singer, songwriter who encourages and inspires students in all age groups to achieve all that is possible."  

Angie Fridono - Second Time Around band  
"As a vocalist in a rock band, Cassandra used her skills and knowledge as a professional singer to coach me along with my singing ability. Over a period of a year, each week Cassandra trained me to work on vocal exercises and songs that challenged my range and style. Practicing her exercises and techniques helped me to develop my voice to a level that I am very happy with and made me a better singer today. I would not hesitate to call on Cassandra for her services in the future."  

Nancy Graham  
"Cassandra has a special knack for helping her students believe in themselves.  Her ability to help me build my vocal skills along with my confidence level is priceless to me.  Encouragement is one of the cornerstones of the time she spends with students."  

Keith Johnson - OffSquare Music  
"We first hired Cassandra and her band in August of 2001.  I've seen her in various configurations; as a lead singer in a band, as a back up musician for her students, and singing her own compositions as a single performer.  In each instance her musicianship and creativity has shone through.  She is very supportive of her students."  

 Cindi Carrigan - Owner/Operator at Carrigan Design  
"I started working with Cassandra in 1993, a frustrated church choir member with no sense of rhythm and no sense of the range my voice could achieve. Cassandra's methods not only made it possible to hit higher, truer notes, she improved my vocal skills to the extent that I was able to secure roles in several local musicals and as a compensated soloist in both classical and contemporary venues. I would highly recommend her to anyone serious about improving their vocal skills"    
Tim Merkel - Cassandra is professional, prepared and passionate.  
"I've been to a lot of Songwriter events in my career. This was fun, just the right length and full of thought provoking, practical content. And I may have got a 35 year old unfinished song of the dime!!!"

Shari Gray - Executive Director at Woodstock Chamber of Commerce  
 "I had the pleasure of working with Cassandra at our Pickle Palooza Festival held in June of this year. Cassandra acted as our emcee on Friday night of the event and performed on the Saturday night of our event. She is the consummate professional and has outstanding stage presence as well as a beautiful voice. I highly recommend Cassandra and look forward to her being a part of our event in 2013."  

Deb Firak  
"Cassandra Vohs-Demann is a wonderful and inspirational vocal coach. I've been to quite a few vocal coaches, and Cassandra is the only one with whom I've been able to make significant progress!"

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